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iFree Studio Emross War Facilities Calculator - For help with this calculator and general game information :

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A guide, tools, and calculator information:

Our A guide, tools, and calculator is designed to significantly help your game play. All your data is saved immediately. All Facilities calculations are done automatically. For registered users, your input is saved to your account so you can access it from any browser on any computer or mobile device. For non-registered users, your input is saved using cookies local to your device.

Please note: This guide is a work in progress. Feel free to email us with additions, corrections, etc.

Calculator sections:

  • Overview - Our A calculator is broken into sections, which can be displayed or minimized depending on the users preferences. The current settings for whether a section is displayed or minimized are stored in cookies, so if you go to another computer, they will not be the same. Information you enter will also be stored in cookies, local to your computer, unless you are logged in. If logged in, your information, such as level, coordinates, and units will be saved to your account and be accessible from any browser.

    Note: whether logged in or not, your information will be saved so when you return you will not have to re-enter your information. Calculations are also done automatically.
  • Help guide - Displays this A guide. It is a work in progress and we don't have details on all aspects of the game, so feel free to email us any content you'd like us to consider posting in this guide.
  • Unit Calculations and Cost - Ever want to know how much something will cost or how much attack, defense, or upkeep your units have? Now you have a tool you can use to easily calculate this information. Note though, that because attack and defense is enhanced by research, the total values calculated are baseline calculations. We are considering using a user defined performance factor to get closer to real values, but for now we are sticking with the base calculations.
  • Devil Army List - Looking for more devil armies to attack, but dont want to have to do all the leg work? Using our Devil Army list, we make it easy. After entering the coordinates for your castle, the calculator will display devil army information in order of distance from your castle. This makes finding devil armies to attack close to you super easy! You can also filter on which level of devil armies you are looking for as well as sort on strength.

    Our list is very limited at this point. Please feel free to email us coordinates and details so we can have more information to help others.

Common terms:

  • Resources
    • Gold - Very important resource. While all A resources are used, you will find you will be converting gold to the other resources very frequently. Most gold is collected from beating devil armies. The stronger the army, the more gold. You can also get gold from the resource facility and attacking other players, but again, most gold is collected from beating devil armies.
    • Food - While equally important early in A, food becomes the second most important resource later in the game. Staging attacks on devil armies and other players requires vast amounts of food. Also, upkeep for your units requires food. You will find yourself frequently converting gold into food before launching attacks. Gold can be converted to food at a 769% ratio meaing 1 gold will net you 7.69 food.
      Note: Avoid converting food into gold. The conversion rate to do this is extremely low.
    • Iron - Iron is a resource required throughout A to upgrade various facilities, build units, etc. Gold can be converted to iron at a 1000% ratio meaing 1 gold will net you 10 iron.
    • Wood - Wood is a resource required throughout A to upgrade various facilities, build units, etc. Gold can be converted to wood at a 16666% ratio meaing 1 gold will net you 16.6 iron.
  • Heros - Required for attacking and defending, both pvp and Devil Armies. You can have 1 Hero for every 2 levels that your arena is at. A hero's are ranked, like a deck of cards starting at 10 up to Ace, with Ace being the highest or best. To make your castle stronger, you will want to level your hero using the arena and using them on attacks of other players and devil armies. Hero's can also be equipped with enhanced gear that make them stronger.
  • Arena - Hero's gather experience to be able to level and arena's are the best place to level your hero, after level 10. Prior to level 10, attacking 5 and 6 star devil armies can give your hero more experience per vigor point. When entering the A arena, you will be shown 10 other hero's within 1 level of your hero. For experience, it is best to fight hero's one level higher than yours although you have a higher risk of losing. Equiping your hero with weapons and book's will increase your hero's attack and defense. These items can be further enhanced through the Research facility.
  • Reward - Every hero starts with loyalty of 50. When a hero loses in pvp, their loyalty is reduced. If their loyalty gets close to zero, another player can attempt to capture and take your hero. Rewarding your hero raises their loyalty. The cost is 1000 gold for each loyalty point and you can only reward each hero 5 times in one 24 hour period.
  • Defense Strategy -
  • Conquered -
  • Bless of Building -
  • Gift Codes -

Facilities guide:

  • Facilities -
    • Resource -
      • Facility -
        • Sawmill
        • Iron Mine
        • Gold Mine
        • Farm
      • Manage -
      • Exchange -
    • Downtown -
      • Province -
      • Facility -
        • House -
        • Storage -
        • Facility Center -
      • Overview -
      • Command -
    • Military -
      • Conquer -
      • Hospital -
      • War Room -
      • Facility -
      • Camp -
      • Action -
    • Research -
      • Enhance -
      • Facility -
      • Research -
    • Heros -
      • Rumors -
      • Facility -
      • Recruit -
      • My Heroes -
    • Wall -
      • Facility -
      • Guardian -

Additional Menu items:

  • Quest -
  • Item -
  • Trade -
  • Shop -
  • World -
  • MyFav -
  • Ally -
  • Chat -
  • Mail -
  • Rank -

Enter your castle information below. Your coordinates will be used to calculate the closest devil armies to you to attack. Other inputs will be used for various calculations on the page.

Level: Coords:   X:   Y:      
Hero Attack: Hero Wisdom: Hero Defense:
Hero Maxtroop: Wall Level:       Castle Max Defense Troops: 0
University Level: Barracks Level: Arena Level: Castle Max Heros: 0
Adv Weapon: Adv Armor: Heavy Equipment: Targeting:
Atk Formation: Def Formation:
Valor: Tenacity: Toughness: Battlecry:
  Select Castle name:    

Unit Calculations and Cost - To hide or display unit calculations use the button here :

Units Cost per unit
Name Owned Attack De-
Food Wood Iron Gold Total
Infantry 15811001501024
Spy 21450002,000100288
Porter 5561002,0002,00050351
Protector 403023005003076
Archer 60102253003003075
Lancer 5535350200504057
Hunter 60254802003005090
Lonufal 51,60013315,00015,00015,00012,00014,433
Star Slayer 1256063001,0001,000220373
Carrier 530121,0005,0003,0005001,079
Berserker 10515065002,0001,000700915
Hellfire 15018078002,0002,0008001,109
Guardian 20013581,0003,0003,0001,0001,462
Master 35075101,2004,0004,0001,3001,914
Overlord 350180121,5004,5004,5001,5002,193
Nanuh 400180273,0006,0006,0003,0003,936
Kahkleh 500240545,0007,0007,0004,5005,611

Vigor efficiency - To hide or display vigor calculations use the button here :

Our Vigor efficiency calculator helps you decide whether it is better to assign a hero to the task of creating troops or to do arena attacks. Enter your hero information and the number of troops you can build and we will tell you how much vigor your hero can get from being assigned to the task. We will also tell you how much vigor it takes to complete the level you are on. Hint, the more troops you make the more vigor you save by assigning your hero to the task.

Note: All calculations are based on successful arena attacks against hero's one level above your hero.

Hero Name: Hero Level: Hero Experience: Vigor needed to Level: 0

Units Per Unit
Name Purchase Exp to Build
Infantry 2
Spy 50
Porter 20
Protector 5
Archer 5
Lancer 8
Hunter 8
Lonufal 1,625
Star Slayer 19
Carrier 60
Berserker 28
Hellfire 38
Guardian 50
Master 75
Overlord 100
Nanuh 625
Kahkleh 1,250

Devil Army List - To hide or display the devil army list use the button here :

Looking for fast income? Our devil armies list makes it easy for you to find devil armies close to your castle. We list number of stars, coords and calculate the distance from your castle, based on coordinate you entered at the top of this page. Looking for only 6 stars? 2 stars or less? Use the dropdowns or the Filter input box to filter your criteria. If available, we also list the number of Horrors and Nightmares and calculate attack and defense totals.

Registered users can also flag devil armies they've added and filter them out making it easier to find new devil armies to add. Note, we only list the 200 closest to your castle. If you'd like to see more, mark them as added and use the 'Show only usable Devil Armies' to see more.

Note: We are looking to expand our list. Currently we have devil armies for Alala, Megaera, Xuthus, Salamis, Eleusis, and Cybele. If you'd like to include devil armies from your world, feel free to email your list to us at admin@aygabtu.com. Please try to include the horror and nightmare counts.

Emross War Devil Armies: Show only usable Devil Armies
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